Everling Kft. is the only supplier of the Polish Saternus playground equipment in Hungary. This way you can receive child-friendly quality equipment firsthand.


We are the quickest to make your plans become reality. Just pick the playground equipment and we will do the rest! We are sure that you will be satisfied.

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Choosing playground equipment and constructing playgrounds is a serious decision, because the available budget must fit the idea and must cover all costs of the project:

- design
- the procurement of playground equipment
- placing rubber surfaces for safety
- the installation of environmental architecture items
- and last but not least placing plants.

Constructing a playground is therefore not just about placing the equipment, but it is a complex activity, where everybody involved aims for perfection, since the most important aspect is the physical and mental safety of the children.

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When choosing a product we must be sure that:

- our investment is based on a well founded decision both from a financial and aesthetic aspect,
- the products comply with all safety regulations,
- the finished playground makes it possible for children to have fun and find happiness in using the playground

Everling Kft., that has years of experience in playground and park construction is the only supplier of the Polish Saternus playground equipment in Hungary.
Saternus is a leading playground equipment manufacturing and distributing company in Poland. It has over 15 years of experience in designing and constructing playgrounds and playground equipment.

Saternus can provide you with everything that you need. And more...

Our playground equipment is creatively designed and has proven value, having obtained awards. They are manufactures by using the best quality material, which is preceded by careful planning, always keeping the strict EN 1177 international regulations in mind. Our products come with a 3 year warranty in case there is annual monitoring.
The product range was created with the highest quality materials and technical solutions that aim for greater safety. They can be a real highlight of public spaces because of their good quality and great value.
Saternus provides a wide range of products for playgrounds and fitness sets offering something for all age groups and all levels of need for exercise. The company also sells street furniture and fences. When choosing Saternus, you are also choosing a partner that believes that all playgrounds must be original, and provides you the best for your investment. Saternus helps develop children’s creativity and physical and mental development with their friendly looking equipment. We understand how children play, develop and grow up.

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