We aim to grow our plants in the most modern growing facilities.


Because of our modern growing facilities we can precisely tell you when specific plants are available.

Everling kertészet

Fresh flowers all year from the modern growing plant!

As member of the Everling Group the Everling Viráglabor Kft. grows annual, biennial, ornamental and perennial plants and herbs on 5000 square meters in Isaszeg - Szentgyörgypuszta. Our double-walled polytunnels have underfloor heating, automatic irrigation system and automatic ventilation windows. Thanks to the devoted work of our colleagues, only plants of excellent quality come from our growing plant, be it for park construction use or commercial sale.

Everling kertészet

Our site is mostly producing plants for wholesale, therefore we provide for numerous markets and Municipalities.

During the acquisition of propagation materials we always find it important to look for novelties, so that everybody can find what they like from a broad range of colours, sizes and species. We start growing our plants from seeds and seedlings as well, during choosing we always aim to obtain first class propagation materials, which is essential for a decorative plant to stay healthy and keep developing on the long term.

Our autumn selection:

• Garden pansy
• Pansy
• Forget-me-not
• Chrysanthemum
• Lavender

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