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Festetics kastély

Creating the good amount of green areas is a constant problem in a crowded city.

Being close to nature is not only important for aesthetic reasons, parks, trees and decorative streets can positively influence our mental state, the air quality of the city, and can provide space for social life as well.

This is a worldwide problem in our urbanized environment, therefore a lot of creativity is needed to lighten the greyness of a city’s concrete jungle with some kind of plant, a park, or an island of organic space. The densely built inner cities or the outskirts of cities can especially be a challenge but with resourcefulness and some good ideas even areas that are considered inappropriate for such a purpose can be transformed into a public space that brings nature closer to people.

Műfüves pálya karbantartás

Park construction in one of the branches of our nursery that provides the greatest and most visible results. The professionals in our park construction branch can perform all tasks from design to construction, with a warranty.

Park construction and park design are remarkably complex tasks. Its complexity comes from the organization and harmonious cooperation of various fields. Why? Because the company policy of Everling Kft. is focused primarily on top quality and expects the best performance from all fields.

But what are these fields of expertise?

With over a hundred finished projects behind our back we can confidently say that the nursery can only guarantee long term high quality with good quality plant materials. To be able to provide this we have created our own separate gardening branch in order to be able to provide reliable materials even in the early stages of park planning and construction. Special plants and trees that we do not grow ourselves we select with the greatest possible care.

Gardeners, garden engineers: our gardeners know everything there is to know about rowing plants, they know the properties of each plant we work with, what location is optimal for them; our certified garden engineers have valuable experience on all fields of garden planning. With our partner designing office we only give you a plan that we believe in and that we are crazy about!

The secrets of park construction: For building gardens, one must know the tricks of carpentry, masonry and iron works. One must know everything about garden constructions which usually also requires knowledge in masonry. Knowledge about irrigation systems is also a must, which is an entirely different field of expertise. We have 3 specialized colleagues just for the installation of garden specific automatic irrigation systems.

Project management for park design and park construction: the project leaders of all fields participate in the project team and they support the completion of the project with their years of experience, paying special attention to the project deadline.

Park construction is always done after an approved plan and budget, which includes:
- heavy earth moving,
- paving,
- the installation of irrigation systems,
- the construction of retaining walls,
- the construction of fountains,
- the construction of fences and dividers,
- the shipping and spreading of soil.

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